Meet the Wanderers who started it all...

Salil Koske

Salil Koske is a Presales Consultant by profession. Apart from his work being a Tech Sales guy, he loves traveling, visiting unexplored places, knowing different cultures and trying new cuisines. After residing in the United States of America for around six years, he moved back to his home country. One fine day waking up with an idea of creating a web space to unite all the wanderers over the globe, like the two of us to let the world experience the beauty of untouched lands and different ethnicities with their traditional cuisines.

Salil is fond of binge watching movies and webseries, socializing with friends on weekends. He loves driving and has covered cross country back in 2018 during his stay in the United States. After reading about the ancient jewish culture Salil decided to visit the Amish Village in Pennsylvania, USA which he found to be the best trip of his life. The quote from the movie Into The Wild, “Happiness is only real once shared” inspires him to live life to the fullest and share experience on his journey of life.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Sebastian Rodrigues is a Technical Writer by profession. This writer among the Vagabonds hails from the financial powerhouse of Mumbai in India. Playing football and watching incredible footballers ply their trade on television is of utmost importance to him.

Sebastian is an ardent traveler who loves wandering off to unexplored places and learning about different ethnicities. Intrigued by the folk tales of ancient cultures, it is only befitting that he has visited unique destinations like the Chinese Temple in Mumbai and the ancient town of Hampi. Apart from cultural experiences, Sebastian also revels in adventurous trips, which is evident from the fact that he has trekked up forts at Karnala, Bhivpuri, and Lohagad..